De Tulpenacker

Terms and Conditions

By drawing up these house rules, we hope that you will have a pleasant and pleasant stay at our holiday park. By staying at our park you automatically agree with our rules.


  1. On arrival you must register at the reception. Your visitors and any guests must also report. You can park one car at the detached holiday homes. Other cars can be parked in the central parking lot at the reception. 
  2. There is a charging point for electric cars in the central parking lot. It is not allowed to charge your electric car at your holiday home.
  3. Check-in at the accommodation is possible from 3 p.m. On departure, you must leave your accommodation before 10 a.m. Depending on availability and after consultation with the reception, a late departure (until 6 p.m.) or an early arrival (from 12 noon) is possible for an additional fee. 
  4. The maximum speed of 3 mph applies on the entire site.
  5. It is not allowed to burden the local residents with questions about your stay. They are not part of our organization.
  6. Given the large amount of water around the plot, we recommend that children without a swimming certificate wear a life jacket on the site. Life jackets are available for free at the reception. It is mandatory to supervise small children (0-6 years) on the premises.
  7. It is not allowed to enter the farmer's pasture (across the water). 
  8. You can and are allowed to swim in the deep sea at your own risk.
  9. A maximum of as many people may stay in rental accommodations as there are sleeping places/beds. In consultation with the reception, an exception can be made for babies if they sleep in a crib or camp bed. 
  10. Smoking is prohibited in the accommodations. In the detached holiday homes, it is allowed to smoke under the covered porch. 
  11. It is forbidden to make an open fire on the site, other than a BBQ.
  12. Small pets are allowed after consultation with the owner. Visiting dogs must always be kept on a leash on our premises. You must never leave your pet alone in the accommodation. It is not allowed to allow your pet or pets on the farmer's pasture (across the water).
  13. It is not allowed to place additional tents in the garden without prior consultation. 
  14. It is not allowed to put swimming pools in the garden. This due to the safety regulations. 
  15. It is forbidden to throw waste outside, please keep De Tulpenacker tidy. If you use communal facilities such as the laundry room, fishing/canoe pier, picnic tables or the playground, please keep them tidy.
  16. We urge you not to walk through the plants. 
  17. If there is damage to the accommodation, we request that you report this immediately. 
  18. If there are malfunctions, please report this immediately to the reception, or you can call +31 6 474 868 58, so that we can respond as quickly as possible. 
  19. If you are missing inventory, please report this to the reception. 
  20. Cleaning fees are required. You must fill the dishwasher with your dirty dishes on departure and turn it on. You must dispose of the waste in the appropriate containers. There is a residual waste container, paper container and a glass container. The accommodation must also be left broom clean. 
  21. Use of  washing machine and dryer works with coins. You will find the machines at the reception. The coins can be purchased from the manager. The use of the washing machine and dryer is at your own risk.
  22. Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle rack at the accommodation. It is not allowed to put bicycles against the accommodation. 
  23. Visitors can access the site from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. You are responsible for the behavior of your visitors, they must also adhere to these house rules. In the event of a serious violation, the management can decide to deny the visitor and you, as the person responsible, immediate access to the site.
  24. Our own Tulpenacker Conditions, the 'Recron Conditions for holiday accommodations' and these 'Household Regulations De Tulpenacker' apply to all reservations. 
  25. The management of De Tulpenacker is not liable for damage and/or injury as a result of your stay on the site, as well as for damage suffered through the use of the services (facilities) present on-site. The management is not liable for claims for damages arising from noise or odor pollution and any external calamity, as well as the site conditions as a result of weather influences. Furthermore, no liability is accepted for the breakdown and/or non-use of the available services and/or facilities. Everyone is staying entirely at their own risk. 
  26. You must always follow the instructions of the staff. 
  27. The management is always entitled to refuse access to the site to unauthorized persons and to deny access to De Tulpenacker to persons who misbehave. 
  28. In cases not covered by these regulations, the decision is taken by the company management.